Durga Puja OOTD – It’s festival time!

Oh how I love wearing sarees and dressing up traditionally! Actually, I just love dressing up 😀 Durga Puja is a festival which is celebrated very widely by the Bangali community. It is a big festival celebrated across different states in different ways. The gujaratis celebrate it as Navratri whereas the Tamilians celebrate it by keeping Navratri Golu. It’s a 10 day long festival where … Continue reading Durga Puja OOTD – It’s festival time!

xoxo – get some love, beautiful

What’s this post about? It’s about our new venture. A few of us have embarked upon this new journey of starting up an on-call beauty service called ‘xoxo’ Wanted to write a brief introduction of why, how & what is it that we are up to. India as a country, is now at a growing stage in terms of make up. Skin care & essential services have become … Continue reading xoxo – get some love, beautiful

My first Sleek Make Up parcel!

Hello guys, When I started with this blog, I thought it will not be very tough to do it on the side with my other work commitments, since my work hours are flexible as of now, but I have realized that this is time consuming and how! Kudos to all the bloggers who blog with a full time job et al! Anyway, I am super duper excited right now as I … Continue reading My first Sleek Make Up parcel!