Review: February 2016 Fab Bag

Hello guys, It has been really long since I blogged and I feel horrible about that! This is why I decided to write the review of my February 2016 Fab bag on the same night as I received it, so that I don’t procrastinate and eventually forget about it. So here is what I received for the Valentine’s month 🙂 Now let’s take a look … Continue reading Review: February 2016 Fab Bag

Review: October Fab bag 2015

It’s October already!!!! Every time a new month arrives, I think damn, time is flying by so soon – But then I feel happy ‘coz I know my Fab bag will arrive soon 😀 I got a call from the Fab bag office, asking about some landmark near my house and I knew, yay, I’m going to go home to my October Fab bag today! … Continue reading Review: October Fab bag 2015

Red Carpet look using July Fab bag

I am not too big on contests as such, but this particular one hosted by Fabbag is targeted towards bloggers. Since I am a new kid on the block, I thought it would be the best way to get recognized in the community 🙂 So, I created my Red Carpet look using the July Fab bag products – Hope you guys like it! Since it was the Red carpet look, I used Vana … Continue reading Red Carpet look using July Fab bag

Lipsticks for tan/olive skin tones – How to know your undertone

As mentioned in my bio, one of the reasons to start this blog was because we dusky women don’t have many make up tips to look out for. So, this post is dedicated to Lipsticks – my most favourite make up item and something that’s no less than a magic wand in terms of transforming one’s look! To begin with, one needs to know their Skin tone and undertone … Continue reading Lipsticks for tan/olive skin tones – How to know your undertone

1 year of fabulousness!

It was decided well in advance, that the very first post on this blog, would be about my favorite picks from the past 1 year of Fabbag subscription. For those who aren’t aware, Fabbag is an Indian online beauty bag subscription, wherein their experts select skin & hair products for us and send them every month.  There’s a questionnaire that provides them with the necessary information … Continue reading 1 year of fabulousness!