My first Colourpop lipsticks! 

Holaa! This post is about my first batch of Colourpop lipsticks  I ordered the lipsticks in January and was thrilled when I received them. Had to pay almost 2000 as custom duty, but it was worth every penny.  The lip colors are amazing, very different shades, variety of colors for every skin tone and long lasting too. If you like matte finish liquid lipsticks, you’ve GOT to … Continue reading My first Colourpop lipsticks! 

Beauty Blogger Award – My first nomination :)

Hi guys, This post is dedicated to the Beauty Blogger nomination to me by the lovely Sophandglory – which means I have to answer all the questions she’s laid out for me and nominate 10 more Beauty/Fashion bloggers to reply to the questions I ask 🙂 First of all, thank you so much Sophandglory for my first nomination and apologies for running late on it – My … Continue reading Beauty Blogger Award – My first nomination 🙂