My first Colourpop lipsticks! 

Holaa! This post is about my first batch of Colourpop lipsticks  I ordered the lipsticks in January and was thrilled when I received them. Had to pay almost 2000 as custom duty, but it was worth every penny.  The lip colors are amazing, very different shades, variety of colors for every skin tone and long lasting too. If you like matte finish liquid lipsticks, you’ve GOT to … Continue reading My first Colourpop lipsticks! 

Review: February 2016 Fab Bag

Hello guys, It has been really long since I blogged and I feel horrible about that! This is why I decided to write the review of my February 2016 Fab bag on the same night as I received it, so that I don’t procrastinate and eventually forget about it. So here is what I received for the Valentine’s month 🙂 Now let’s take a look … Continue reading Review: February 2016 Fab Bag

What’s inside my December 2015 Fab bag

Hi guys! I aim at writing 5-6 posts per month, but last month I did not fufill that quota. However, I am going to try to make up for it this month *fingers crossed* This evening, I got home from a YouTube event (post coming up on it) and my Fab bag sat pretty on the bed. I hate it when my mom opens the … Continue reading What’s inside my December 2015 Fab bag

Dare to wear purple!

Hello gorgeous people! Among all the festivities this month, I have been thinking of writing so many things, but been procrastinating like anything!! We just got done with the biggest Indian festival called Diwali – the festival of lights, I can still hear people bursting crackers as I write this post. I’m not at all fond of the practice of bursting crackers for various reasons … Continue reading Dare to wear purple!

Evergreen way to make someone’s day – Flowers

Hi guys, I have been M.I.A and I’m sorry for that. Been a bit tied up with a LOT of things. I’ve taken up an interesting project with a growing start up which is consuming my days! Anyway, this post is about the universal gifting option – Flowers! I feel flowers make anyone and everyone happy. You can give it to people of any age, … Continue reading Evergreen way to make someone’s day – Flowers

Review: October Fab bag 2015

It’s October already!!!! Every time a new month arrives, I think damn, time is flying by so soon – But then I feel happy ‘coz I know my Fab bag will arrive soon 😀 I got a call from the Fab bag office, asking about some landmark near my house and I knew, yay, I’m going to go home to my October Fab bag today! … Continue reading Review: October Fab bag 2015