About Me

Hello you guys!

Is it just me, or is it weird for everyone to fill the ‘About me’ section with a description that makes sense to others? I believe the best way to know someone is to interact with them! Will still try to write a few words as an introduction to my blog.

I’m a girl who is undergoing Quarter Life Crisis (Yes, that’s totally a thing) – don’t wish to work under anyone or report to bosses, super bosses and waste away the prime time of my life. Already lost 21 years out of my total years of existence in Education!  So it’s time to pursue what makes me happy 🙂

My interests  are Fashion – not the kind you see on ramps (‘coz, I can’t wear them anywhere), Travel, Wining and Dining, Make up, not necessarily in that order. I’m also an avid follower of American TV shows.

Reasons I thought I must come up with this blog:

1. My lovely friends who pushed me to DO it.

2. Super inclination towards everything pretty, comfortable & affordable.

3. Lack of make-up tips for dusky women.

All the beauty bloggers in India that I follow are fair skinned, where does that leave the rest of us? We deserve some decent beauty tips too, right?

So, enjoy the madness that was limited to my head and all over my social media accounts – it’s time to aggregate and expand the posts for this new baby.

P.S: I am really new at this – so it would be amazing to receive comments or suggestions on what to do/not do etc.

Feel free to email me at drapedinwine@gmail.com 🙂



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