Review: Himayala Kesar Face Pack


This is a review of the third Himalaya product I tried since the past few weeks. It’s the Himalaya fairness kesar face pack. I’m very fond of salon visits and pampering time – but my hectic schedule makes it impossible to go as often as I would like to.

This is why I try different herbal face packs, masks, scrubs to feel fresh and keep my skin healthy. One may use these regularly without over using products on skin.


Ideally I would like making face packs, scrubs and using them – but with availability of wide product range as that of Himalaya, there is no need for me to do so.

The key ingredients of Himalaya kesar face pack are:


Turmeric; which helps to even out your skin tone and soothes the skin.

Walnut is particularly effective in treating acne and also helps in skin cell regeneration, toning the skin

Indian Aloe acts as an antibacterial, accelerates the healing of injured skin, softens and hydrates skin.

Kesar lightens skin, clears spots, enhances the complexion and gives skin an even tone.

I love the combination of ingredients used here – I think all skin types can use this product and benefit from it.

I use the pack on my face and keep it on for 10 minutes till it dries off completely. I think keeping it for 15 minutes would work better for some.

I have normal skin and this really makes my skin feel soft and gives a natural glow to my face.

I don’t care much for the fairness part of it – but it helps in cleansing all the dust off my face, which is great!

Would I recommend it? Yes, I think it is a product that can be tried across people of all skin types and age group.

You can always check on Himalaya’s Facebook and YouTube to be updated with the new product launches by your favorite herbal brand.

Have you tried any of the other Himalaya face packs that you think I should try? Kindly comment below 🙂



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