10 Precautions You Need To Take To Enjoy Monsoon


10 Precautions You Need To Take To Enjoy Monsoon

Monsoon is finally at our doorstep. Heavy downpours are true to enjoy but,

keeping aside the fun in it and the relief from the heat and sweaty summers, we

need to think seriously over the various precautions we need to take to stay fit and

healthy. As we all know, Monsoon brings in a lot of epidemic and health related

issues. Cholera, Dengue, etc., are some of the serious illness that awaits us during

the Monsoon season. Fever and cold become the most common among all and

visiting hospital becomes a routine to many during this time.

So, what are the common precautions you need to take during the Monsoon to stay

fit and healthy, to enjoy Monsoon to the fullest? Have a look. Bear with these tips

for the entire season as health is equally important.

  1. Beware of Mosquitoes

Monsoon can be regarded as the breeding time for mosquitos as most of the places

will be filled with clogged water, where they can lay their eggs and with this they

spread serious health issues including Dengue! So, use mosquito repellents, nets

and other preventive measures to stay away from them. Buy mosquito killer plus

night lamp online to stay protected from online stores like Tolexo

2. Stay away from people who are sick

You might be fit and healthy but, just because you sit next to a sick person, you

have more chances of falling sick and getting bed-ridden. A cough, cold, and fever

will be transferred from person to person very frequently, and this can cause you

trouble. So, it is better if you stay away from individuals who are sick if you are

prone to get cold/fever so quickly.

3. No play in puddle water

Clogged and puddle water is a common sight during the monsoon. And certain

people cannot escape from these puddle water if they are a pedestrian. But, there

are some who purposely play in puddle water, and unknowingly they welcome

diseases. These water contain germs, and it can cause you harm. So, stay away

from these clogged water pools.

4. Avoid eating Ice Creams

Some people think that eating Ice Cream during the rainy season is the best thing!

Well, to be frank, it isn’t that way. Eating an ice cream during the rainy season can

get you nasal problems if you are prone to any nasal disease. If you do not have

nasal issues, then probably you can die on one or two ice creams for sure!

5. Eat food when it is hot

It is Monsoon! And, you food is likely to become cold very soon. But, its good to

prepare dishes a few hours before you plan to eat your meal. This will get you the

food fresh and hot which is very important during the Monsoon. If you cannot do

this, then you can try to make your food hot before eating so that it gets digested


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6. Use raincoats umbrellas whenever necessary

It is raining season and it is not quite predictable when it will downpour. So, carry

a raincoat or an umbrella whenever you plan to move out. It is fun getting

drenched in the rain but, when it comes to health. It is not a fair deal at all if you

are weak health wise.

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7. Drink boiled water

It is good and advised to drink boiled water rather than cold water. You can drink

water that is slightly hot, which can bring you some kind of relief from the cold

and if any nasal problem persists. If you cannot have hot water all the time, at least

drink boiled water for safety purposes. This can soothe your throat and can get you

relief from any kind of infections.

8. Get proper medication when it is necessary

You are likely to fall sick due to the sudden change in climate and also you might

need medical aid depending on the situation and the risk of disease at times. If you

feel any uneasy at initial stage, do not hesitate to get medical aid and this can bring

down your chances of falling sick.

9. Eat more veggies, fruits

Eat those foods that are easily digestible during the Monsoon. Add more

vegetables and fruits in you diet. Do not eat stale food during this season as the

chances of bacteria multiplication will be more. Enjoy soup this season. It is

healthy and is easily digestible.

10. Maintain Hygiene

Most importantly, maintain hygiene during this season. Keep your body neat, cut

your nails and keep them clean, take bath daily (head bath optional), change your

clothes daily, wear washed clothes – maintain these hygiene habits to stay safe

during the Monsoon.




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