March Fab bag 2016 Review

Okay, so this post is super late. It’s April 1st and I have already received my April Fab Bag. Kudos to Fab bag for managing that! But to be fair, I was travelling for the better part of March when I received my Fab bag, hence the delay.

I thought I must do a short showcase of what I got in the March bag before writing about the April one.

This is what the March Fab bag looked like. Not really nice, but better than a useless cardboard box as such. That’s all.


This is the product card that came along, with details of what we received in the bag:




The bag is not disappointing at all. Sugar cosmetics are usually pretty nice, I have received their Eye told you so and the Matte As Hell lip crayon in the past. However, this lipcolor was a let down.It comes out as patchy on the lips, maybe the other colors are better. If anyone wishes to get a full review of the product, please mention below, and I shall do the needful.

The Nykaa nail paint quality is really awesome. The color is good and it stayed on my nails for more than 8 days comfortably (which is great!) Most of the nail paints except gel ones wear off real quick – unless you’re wearing something like MAC.

I have not yet tried the Spa Ceylon scrub and Wella products. If you have noticed, I am not too big on using up the hair products since I pretty much ignore hair care (in my opinion)

I do take care of my feet (since I feel they are the ugliest part of my body:P) but that bit is mostly left to the professionals, so I seldom end up using foot scrubs. But by going by my previous experience with the brand I am pretty sure that the product is upto the mark.

Do let me know if you liked your March Fab bag, and I would love to kn0w how good was your experience with the nail paint and lipcolor – to understand if they are worth repurchasing or not.

Stay lovely and keep reading 🙂



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