April 2016 Fab bag review

Since March Fab bag review was put up with such delay, I thought I MUST write the April one right after it!

This is what I received in the April bag:


To be honest, the April bag is a total let down. It is the worst Fab bag I have received in the past 2 years of my subscription with the brand.

I hope it’s just a small bump in the road and not something they intend to do regularly – as it will lead to loss of subscribers. Another reason I thought I should write this post ASAP is for the benefit of first time users who are thinking of subscribing from this month onwards or for the ones who wish to go for a renewal. Ladies, April bag can be skipped and you won’t miss a thing – I think!

Take a look at the products that came in the April Fab bag and decide for yourself:


I didn’t even feel like clicking some more pictures of this dismal bag and it’s contents. Why o why? I have also subscribed to Lip monthly bag, which is a monthly subscription for Lip products, based out of US and I am waiting for the bag to arrive – my only saving grace to make up for this disappointment, I think!

I am not very keen on writing bad reviews for most items I purchase, unless I feel it is absolutely useless for people or that the quality of the product is horrible.

The earring you see, is sent by Style Fiesta. It is flimsy and ugly – something I would not wear in a zillion years – nor should anyone else. It has a price tag of Rs. 499 but no one must even accept it for free. So, if you are unfortunate enough to receive it, do yourself a favor and toss it in the bin.

I was given a choice to select the Catrice product for this month. The options were between lip pencil, kohl and some colored eye pencils and I thought lip pencil would be the best option as per my usage.

I don’t use colored eye pencils much and the kohl pencil reviews were not great, so lip pencil was the safest bet.

Face masks and scrubs are something I use often and finish them off. The only other product I am sure to use is the Soul tree cleansing milk, which I have used tonight already to cleanse my face. I like soul tree, since it is paraben & silicone free + Ayurvedic. The product does it’s job – which isn’t much and I don’t think I will repurchase it again.

Hope your April bag makes you happy ~

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my views on this month’s products!




One thought on “April 2016 Fab bag review

  1. Hi Sritika,

    I too have similar views about this month’s fab bag. Infact, I have not renewed my
    subscription. I particularly do not like their way of asking users to select one product.
    Most of the time, I like none of the options. However, I have to choose one, otherwise
    they may send any repeated product. Giving options is a trap for users.


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