Say Cheese!

Hello.. Second post of the night on a weekday, am I a super human or what?

Anyway, I shall schedule this post for tomorrow so that this post does not sabotage the previous one. Does it work that way or am I getting it wrong?

Last weekend I was invited by a cute ex-colleague of mine, for a Cheese and Wine tasting event. Of course, I said yes – What’s not to love? Cheese – Check! Wine – Double check!!

Although I had an extremely busy week, I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to attend a gourmet event with Chef Ranveer Brar and the above mentioned loves of mine 😀


The event was hosted by Chef Ranveer and he gave us some much needed insights about Cheese pairing with different alcohols, what kind of cheese to eat with what, at what time of the day etc. He specifically also instructed to not classify cheese by their color (I do just that) It’s ok, because I have a brother who is studying to be a chef – So I can have lifetime lessons of knowing more about wine & cheese 😀

After telling us quite a bit about different types of cheese, Ranveer was open to questions… And I asked one. I really wanted to know if there’s any healthy way of eating cheese – being a cheese lover, it would be perfect to know a way to eat it without putting on more weight. To which he cheekily replied that I must eat it in moderation. Phussssss…. I had hopes of him letting me in on his secrets of being a Punjabi foodie + chef and still being in such great shape – But his answer was “moderation”  Sir, if I did eat in moderation, I would have never asked you such a question in the first place. I am the kind of person who has no self control when it comes to food and sadly there is no cure for it.

So I quietly passed on the mike to the next person and kept back that cheese cube I was just about to gobble.

The event was at Blue Frog and it was full house! Take a look at pictures from the #GoCheeseTastingEvent

Cheese plate with some crackers & freshly cut fruits
Really cheesy appetisers – Yum!


and had a great turn out.

We were all given a hamper with different cheeses, crackers & wines in it.



Contents of the hamper

Last but not the least,  OOTD!!!


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