What’s inside my December 2015 Fab bag

Hi guys!

I aim at writing 5-6 posts per month, but last month I did not fufill that quota. However, I am going to try to make up for it this month *fingers crossed*

This evening, I got home from a YouTube event (post coming up on it) and my Fab bag sat pretty on the bed. I hate it when my mom opens the parcel to take a peak at what’s inside it, but this time I was okay since I knew the bag’s design. For the December bag, Fab bag asked us to choose any design from the previous bags of 2015. I selected the Valentine’s month bag as it is a heart shape bag with a handle, and my previous one got spoilt.

We also got to choose one of the products this month from previously received items… I chose Palmer’s Cocoa butter lotion because it was love at first usage for me with this product when I received it in my October bag. I also ended up ordering their Cocoa body butter after using the lotion and I must tell you, these products work like a charm on the dead dry skin on my legs.

So here, take a look at what we received this month:





As you can see, there are so many products this month. I am particularly very excited to use the Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick. The product was launched in India just a few days back and I had a hunch that we will be receiving it in the December bag and boy, was I right 🙂

Take a look at the color I received. They only have 4 shades in it and I wanted either the Red or the Maroon – and I got the Red.



Here’s how Scarlet O Hara looks on my lips

The lipstick is definitely very very matte. I will use it tomorrow and see how long it lasts on me. I love the shade it is Ruby Woo-ish and will suit all Indian skin tones. They have also sent a sharpener along for this product. It would have been so much better if the lipstick was retractable as it is more convenient and leads to lesser wastage.

I am not big on using lip balms so I will probably give it to my boyfriend as he uses lip balms more frequently than I do.

I will be using the oil & conditioner though. Fab bag invariably has introduced me to so many awesome herbal products that work amazingly well for me that I am inclined to trying most of the stuff – after reading about the ingredients and the company – but I have never come across something that was a bad selection from their side. Lucky much?

This month we also received a pair of underwear from Clovia, so the lacy purple fabric you see behind is that .. haha! With love, they’ve sent us a discount code too.


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2 thoughts on “What’s inside my December 2015 Fab bag

  1. Omg i was also hvng feeling tht we gonna get tht lippie in future bag bt i didnt knew they would b giving it so early 😍
    Hope they send me my kind of shade!

    Detailed review plz

    Liked by 1 person

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