Knowing my scent with Fragrance expert Danny Ventura

Hello everyone,

November has been the craziest month for me this year, with every day having something to go to or take care of. Amidst all this, I was ecstatic to find an invite from Fabbag for their upcoming event – Know your scent with Fragrance Expert Danny Ventura.


For those who don’t know, Danny is a Fragrance specialist, Makeup Artist, Master Stylist, Aroma therapist.

As if the above was not enough done in a lifetime,this award-winning Canadian beauty professional is also the International Beauty Manager for Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez and Elie Saab Perfumes.

What was the event all about? Read on to know 🙂

“Want to know your signature scent or simply curious about the world of fragrances? Then this event is your calling! Meet Fragrance expert, Danny Ventura and get a low-down on how fragrances are created and chosen, how to recognize and describe different notes and much more. Also, get a personal consultation with the fragrance specialist himself and have all your questions answered. To top it off you can try and test fragrances of your choice and we’re giving away fabulous goodie bags to everyone there”

The event was hosted at Parcos store in High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. The store had been transformed with some chairs, a catering table and of course a desk for Ventura’s personal consultation.

The Fabbag crew was awesome as always, graciously taking care of their members.

On reaching the venue, we all had to fill in a form with multiple choice questions – which would help Danny in determining what’s our personal scent. Meanwhile we were served with delectable portions of appetisers – Yum!


Here’s me sitting and filling the form with the help of a SA


Then came Danny Ventura, dressed sharp of course,  and presented a small slideshow on the basics of perfumes. He also gave some tips on how to make your perfumes last longer, where to wear them.

Here’s me sitting like a good first bencher student 😀

Apparently, wearing perfumes on the neck is not a very good idea. Danny explained that perfume would last longer if worn below the shoulder region. Also, a tip to make perfume seep in and last longer is to spray it after applying some unscented lotion on the skin – I am going to try that.

Another tip he gave us, was that you can spray perfume on the hair brush and then brush your hair with it – which will make you smell fragrant all day long.

We also had a free consultation or makeover with Shiseido. While waiting for my perfume consultation, I tried the skin consultation to discover that my skin is in great condition – woot woot!

I tried  on some products from Shiseido and picked up their Sheer and Perfect Compact – will review it soon 🙂


Finally, I met Danny and sat with him to ‘Know my scent’

We chatted about everything from Chanel No. 5 to his other events in the city. He was intrigued by my name and I told him he could call me ‘S’ if the name is tough to pronounce for him. But he insisted on learning my name and calling me by it 🙂

From my questionnaire and some other questions he figured that I like Floral and Oriental smells. My taste in fragrances is a mix of modern and classics – Of course! He made me try on some perfumes in that category and I loved the perfume called ‘For her’ by Narciso Rodriguez.

Selfie with Danny – Yes, first name basis now, ha ha

I know what perfume to buy next 😀 – Probably that’s my scent? I end up hoarding my perfumes, so I’ll buy one only when I finish one of the older ones, the lady has to save up somewhere to keep buying new makeup – Right? 😉

Here’s the awesome goodies we received at the Fabbag ‘Know Your Scent’ event



Doesn’t it all look amazing? I can’t wait to try them all – my favourite of th lot is the lip lacquer – Coz I’m a lipstick junkie! 😀 but honestly, it looks too pretty


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