Dare to wear purple!

Hello gorgeous people!

Among all the festivities this month, I have been thinking of writing so many things, but been procrastinating like anything!!

We just got done with the biggest Indian festival called Diwali – the festival of lights, I can still hear people bursting crackers as I write this post. I’m not at all fond of the practice of bursting crackers for various reasons – one of them being that my Nasdaq is petrified of the sounds. What I do love about the festival is the fact that I shop a lot

Anyway, this post is about my newest purchase – MAC Heroine.

Its a bluish toned purple, that looks very different on different people. If you ask me, I feel the color would look better on people with cool undertones. Since most Indians have warm undertones, it will not suit most of us. However, you can always try it at the store and check 🙂

You can see what the lipstick looks like and how it looks on me.





I feel the color washes me out and makes me look darker.

I have another purple that’s NYX Aria. It is a mauvish purple with warm undertones that looks gorgeous on me.

Check out the swatches of Aria and Heroine.


The one above is Aria by NYX and below is MAC Heroine. As you can see, Aria is a deep Mauvish purple, whereas Heroine is like Violet plus some white – a tint of Violet.

Do you like the way it looks on me? I prefer the way Aria shows on me than Heroine.

Aria is semi matte as it is a Matte cream lipstick whereas MAC Heroine is pretty Matte. Both stay long on me, but Aria sticks loner – surprisingly! Aria stays for about 6-7 hours despite eating food. Heroine lasts 4-5 hours and fades after eating.

The above dress is what I wore to dinner tonight, and this is what I ate.


Noodle wok with mushrooms, chicken salami and prawns in garlic pepper sauce. Yum!!



One thought on “Dare to wear purple!

  1. I think Heroine looks great on you! I’ve been looking for a purple lipstick that doesn’t make my skin look yellow and sallow so maybe I’ll give these bluish ones a try


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