First impression – 6 Plus brushes, very decent Sigma dupes

Hello you guys! Waking up to unexpected online delivery is awesome. Why unexpected – because I didn’t know when I would get these brushes. I ordered them 3 weeks ago on I had been wanting to purchase a make up brush set and was considering buying the Real Techniques brush set. So I began my research on similar brands. I found quite a few reviews … Continue reading First impression – 6 Plus brushes, very decent Sigma dupes

Look what I won – Blogger contest for Red Carpet Look by Fab Bag

Hey guys, I have been so late for this post. Fab bag had hosted a Blogger’s contest where we had to use their July Fab bag contents and create our Red Carpet look (Since it was their Red Carpet edition) I was super duper late for the submission and did it on the last day really late… if you want to see the look I … Continue reading Look what I won – Blogger contest for Red Carpet Look by Fab Bag

OOTD 09.10.15

Hey people, One of the worst things about growing up is that it’s tough to match schedules with friends to catch up. Even after making plans in advance, end minute cancellations are common. Amidst all that, there are those sudden plans that work well for everyone at times. Tonight was one such night where I met my friends for dinner. Here’s what I wore to … Continue reading OOTD 09.10.15

OOTD during Ganesh Chaturthi

Hello lovely people, So last month we celebrated a festival called Ganesh Chaturthi – it’s 11 days long and celebrated very enthusiastically in Mumbai and across Maharashtra. Just posting two of my outfits worn during these auspicious days.. I did wear one more outfit, but don’t have a picture of it to post here! Wore this rusty red Silk kurta with a yellow gold dupatta … Continue reading OOTD during Ganesh Chaturthi

Meet my baby boy – Nasdaq

Hello you guys, First and foremost, thank you for 50 followers on this blog. I started blogging in the last week of June, so it has been a journey of about 3 months – 28 blog posts published, 4529 hits received, 5781 other followers and viewership from across 41 countries! I am very grateful to each and every one of you who stop by, read, … Continue reading Meet my baby boy – Nasdaq

Review: October Fab bag 2015

It’s October already!!!! Every time a new month arrives, I think damn, time is flying by so soon – But then I feel happy ‘coz I know my Fab bag will arrive soon 😀 I got a call from the Fab bag office, asking about some landmark near my house and I knew, yay, I’m going to go home to my October Fab bag today! … Continue reading Review: October Fab bag 2015