First impression – 6 Plus brushes, very decent Sigma dupes

Hello you guys!

Waking up to unexpected online delivery is awesome. Why unexpected – because I didn’t know when I would get these brushes. I ordered them 3 weeks ago on

I had been wanting to purchase a make up brush set and was considering buying the Real Techniques brush set. So I began my research on similar brands. I found quite a few reviews of these 6 plus brushes on YouTube and on blogs as well.

I already have a few single brushes that I have purchased from different companies so I thought I should check this one out since it has very useful brushes, a good case plus it’s really affordable. I got a set of 11 brushes with the case for about 22 USD.. approx 1500 Rs. Not bad, right?

Take a look at the brushes 🙂





Really nice compact packaging that keeps the brushes safe and makes it easy to travel with.




Don’t they look great? Here are the 5 face brushes


Top view of the brush to give an idea of their density


The eye brushes and the highlighter brush




The brushes are reallllllly soft and pretty dense. I am not very happy with the density of the stippling brush, but it can be used for powder I guess. I have ordered the ELF Studio line small stippling brush for application of their HD blushes – So that will be my go – to brush for blushes maybe. Over all, these brushes are a great dupe of the Sigma brushes – looks wise, as for application I can’t say because I haven’t used Sigma yet. However, other bloggers said that they aren’t close behind Sigma, most of the brushes are just as good.

If you wish to buy these 6 Plus brushes you can buy them from here : Six Plus 11 brush set with bag

This is the link of which provides free shipping worldwide or you could also buy this item off

4 thoughts on “First impression – 6 Plus brushes, very decent Sigma dupes

  1. I was thinking of buying Real technique brushes too… But will purchase this one instead… Your blogs are very helpful Sritika… Keep writing…!!


  2. I’ll have to check these out. I love real techniques, eco tools, and younique (I actually sell younique) but I love having brushes on hand, always,great to have extra. Great review 🙂


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