Maybelline Clearglow BB stick v/s Coloressence Pan stick

Hello girls,

If there’s one product that I’ve never found much use for in my vanity, it’s a foundation. It makes me feel heavy on my face and anything added on it looks too much. Also because I prefer a light coverage base for my make up.

This is why, when I tried the Maybelline clear glow BB stick 2 years back, I was very happy! I’d tried their newly launched bb cream and disliked it. Then a few months later, I spotted this little guy and gave it a shot – didn’t look back since then.

It’s beautiful, creamy, easily blendable and gives a dewy matte finish lasting 4-5 hours (after which needs a bit of touch up) This works for me very well. They had just introduced two shades in India – Radiance and Dawn.

Radiance for fair skinned people and Dawn for medium to dark skinned people. This made it tough to find an exact match for your skin color, but the product can either be mixed n matched to make your color or just blended well, right into your skin.

Well, no use writing much about it anymore since Maybelline decided to discontinue these BB sticks in India. I was so sad to find out.. and started looking for a replacement product. Did go out and test a few foundations, but wasn’t satisfied. So I did some online research and figured that Coloressence also has a similar product offering called ‘Pan Stick’



This one comes in 3 shades Pinkish beige, Beige and Natural Brown. I ordered the Beige and Brown because I wasn’t sure which one would go with my complexion. The Natural brown ended up being a bit dark for me, and beige blended perfectly. It hasย  yellow undertone, but it works for me.

You can see swatches of the products here.


Packaging wise, I think the Maybelline had a flimsy packaging. The product content is the same in both but Coloressence looks much better with a sturdy black body.


Coloressence has a fragrance that may bother some people – I don’t care about it. I feel Maybelline product blended better than coloressence though. I’ve tried using them on either sides of my face. They can’t be told apart after blending and they last around the same amount of time on my face. I set these with a pressed powder to give a good finish and so that it doesn’t transfer.



The Maybelline Clearglow BB stick is priced at Rs. 250 only! And the Coloressence Pan Stick is cheaper at Rs. 185/- but they’re good to be used as a daily light base. I wish Maybelline comes back with it for us, because this product will be missed.

Have you tried either of these products or similar ones? What do you think of them?


10 thoughts on “Maybelline Clearglow BB stick v/s Coloressence Pan stick

    1. Oh yes, did u forget to mention about the fragrance in my review?! It annoys many people usually but I don’t care about it ๐Ÿ™‚ as long as the product works well. I am glad it suits your skin tone. Let me know if you like how it feels and works for you. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Sritika! Just thought I’ll stop by and let you know I’ve used the pan stick and it’s beautiful on my skin. Suits me just well. |
        In fact I’ve even used it in my latest post on the blog, check my pic out and let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

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