My acrylic make up organiser is here!

Heyyy guys!

So, my acrylic make up organiser got here a few days back.

I was so excited to see it, you won’t believe it!!!

I’ve been wanting one of these acrylic make up organisers with 5 drawers or more. It’s been a rage across the world and it’s sad that they’re so expensive!

Anyway, so I got a 5 drawer acrylic make up organiser. And here’s what it looks like 😀



It came all the way from China or Hongkong I guess, they packed it well but still has a crack or two. I don’t want to return and get a replacement. Frankly I don’t even know if that’s possible.
You can check these out by various sellers on

The reason I wanted this item was because it’s so good to be able to see all the make up where it is. Makes my work a lot easier when I’m getting ready. Earlier I had them stored in small pouches, so had to go through them for stuff. Then I moved to a tiny wooden cupboard. But, this is pretty and easy on the eyes and so useful!

Everyone who owns one, definitely knows what I’m talking about. It had literally been giving me nightmares until I ordered one!

This one has 4 drawers and top shelf that has a lid – can be lifted and overturned and kept, so that you can store items vertically if you wish.

The top shelf comes with separators that can be adjusted as per your requirement.

They sent 3 more drawer separators. I have used 2 in the third drawer and 1 in the fourth drawer.

Here’s how I organised my make up in these drawers! Take a look.





I already had an acrylic lipstick organiser which holds 24 lipsticks so I removed one of the separators from the top to make this fit and also because it made space for my eyeliners, lipliners, mascaras etc. Stuff that I use every morning – that’s what top shelf is for. Easy access to things used most.

As you can see, on the right I’ve arranged my nail paints, remover, lip balms and Clinique chubby stick – I’m not too big on nail paints anymore. I was all about nail art during my college days, so much so that one of my friends had nick named me Nerolac! 😉

Moving on to the second drawer


The second drawer has my travel size moisturisers, day & night creams, hand creams etc. Most of these samples are from Fab bag that have still not got over. But they’re great to keep handy in my sling or hand bag because I have really dry skin that needs a lot of moisturising often. I’ve used one of my separators here to keep the body butters and face washes separate from other creams.


The third drawer has the bases and brushes. As you can see, I’ve used the two separators here. On the left side I’ve arranged my make up brushes, and on the right side are my Maybelline clear glow and Coloressence pan stick, concealer and an illuminated lotion. In the middle are my Colorbar tripple effect cake, L’Oréal compact with a tiny Estee lauder make up remover sample and beauty blender to blend away all these bases on to my face 🙂 I skip foundation on my face as it feels very heavy. I prefer using pan stick or bb stick instead and then use pressed powder by airbrushing it to set it.


Yay, now the fun stuff. My blushes drawer. Not many blushes. 2 blush by 3 palettes by Sleek, a YSL cream blush, Mac powder blush, a City color cheek stain and The Balm Stainiac that I got in this month’s 3rd anniversary Fab bag – frankly I’ve not had the chance to try it out yet! Behind are the city color blush, a concealer palette and my absolute favourite Bellapierre mineral blush in Autumn Glow. I’m psyched about the next month’s Fab bag because we got to choose our make up products ourselves. Just yesterda
y I received the email and jumped with joy when I saw Bellapierre mineral blush as an option. The color is Desert Rose – it’s a very pretty bronzish color and I can’t wait to get it.


Last drawer – it’s a bit crowded in here. There’s a Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette, 2 Sleek i-divine palettes, a Naked Basics palette, Colorbar eyeshadow palette, Palladio eyeshadow quad, Be Bombshell eyeshadow quad and a single base eyeshadow from Miss Claire sitting behind with my beautiful YSL travel sized make up kit. I mussst do a post on it!


I’ve not written much about my lipsticks because I’ve written one huge ass post about my lipsticks before. So you can check that out. The eyeliners are a mix of Rimmel, Lakme, Street Wear, Sugar Eye Told You So, Lakme eyeconic etc. The La Splash eyeshadow Base sits here too with my Divo eyelash curler.

So, what do you think about this arrangement?
Do you have one of these organisers yourself or been wanting to get one? You totally should – it’s worth it!



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