Vega Blooming air hair dryer review

Hello ladies,

I’ve got a new haircut! 🙂
Gone short with fringes in the front.

I’ve got silky straight hair with less volume, so I can only experiment with the length usually.

With this haircut, I have to set my hair everyday as the ends get out turns, which makes it look funny. It’s supposed to turned inwards – so I bought an inexpensive hair dryer to solve this purpose.

I went online and read a few posts on hair dryers that could be used for basic styling. Wanted to choose one with hot and cold heat setting.

I ended up buying Vega VHDH-05 hair dryer (1000 Watts) priced at Rs. 749/- I guess I bought it for 600 bucks – which is great!

The design is nice, it’s handy to use. I ordered it from Flipkart and it was delivered in 3 days.

I’ve been using it for 2 days now and it’s perfect for my needs. I don’t really wish to use it to dry my hair per se, but I’m sure it’s great for that purpose as well.

Take a look at the pictures of the product 🙂
Do you know of other alternatives for this hair dryer? Which one do you use?







It can be opened to use as shown on box. This is how it arrived – easy to store it in the box this way.


The final look after using it 🙂


Thank you for reading. Do leave comments!


One thought on “Vega Blooming air hair dryer review

  1. Cute hair style! I just have a plain cheapie hair dryer, but I have been interested in getting a quality one since they are better at not damaging hair. Great review!!

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