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What’s this post about?

It’s about our new venture. A few of us have embarked upon this new journey of starting up an on-call beauty service called ‘xoxo’

Wanted to write a brief introduction of why, how & what is it that we are up to.

India as a country, is now at a growing stage in terms of make up. Skin care & essential services have become an integral part of the women’s routine by now – but make up? Not so much. Indian women get their dose of make up updates via television, movies, magazines, social media & various beauty bloggers that they maybe following. Peers & social circle play a large role in this too – Women emulate other women really fast! If one starts doing something, the other wants to research on it and do it better.

Make up products are not very easily available here and even if they are, not everyone knows how to use them correctly. This is what we wish to change.

Everyone is so exposed to the global trends in makeup/hairstyling and aspire to look as good as the people who sport it. One has the option of calling a make up artist at home, but the service would start from Rs. 3000, which is exorbitant for most Indian women – at least for repeated use.

We spoke to a lot of women and figured that they would love to have someone come over to their houses and do make up for them, just before they had to head out for a party/event or just a special outing – at an affordable price. (We are aiming to start our services at prices as low as Rs. 500!)

basically, there is a demand & supply existing for the service – but with huge gaps that need to be bridged.

So, in terms of awareness – We are there, but in terms of knowledge or skills, we aren’t there yet.

This is why cosmetic brands in India only focus on extending their product lines in the categories of eyeliners, lipsticks, mascaras etc. and full fledged make up palettes. This however is changing, as I write this article. This month itself, Maybelline New York launched it’s ‘The Nudes’ eyeshadow palette – which is a basic must have for every woman I feel. A Nude palette is so versatile, I wonder how no one thought of launching this until now in India. Anyway, better late than never.

Also, the mindset towards beauty is slowly changing. People are now understanding that applying make up does not necessarily mean having heavy layers of caked stuff on your face. It could be done in a manner where it’s barely visible.

Make up does not mean one is trying to look more beautiful or transform into someone else or hide imperfections. Women choose to do make up for different reasons. I use make up as a way to express myself – I believe it to be art, and I’m just an artist. Some use it to feel more confident, while others use it simply because life is always better with stained cheeks and colored lips! Do comment below with your reasons for loving make up, would love to hear it.

We have been working on this and I thought I must write on it, just so that it is out there for you guys to read 🙂

Do sign up to know more on www.getxoxo.in

You can also like us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Get-xoxo-official/555776834554013?fref=ts

& follow us on Twitter @get_xoxo 🙂

Feedback is always welcome.



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