Sleek i-divine eyeshadow pallette – Vintage Romance

Hello lovely readers,

My previous Sleek make up post (which I wrote on the go) received so much appreciation, that I thought I must put up the second i-divine review today as well 🙂

The second i-divine eye shadow palette I ordered is called “Vintage Romance” – adorable name, right? Wait till you see the shades it has!

Like I mentioned earlier, Sleek Make up has like a dozen eye shadow palettes with gorgeous combinations to choose from – I went for Vintage Romance and Acid, basically because Acid was mostly matte and bright colors; Vintage Romance because it has the shimmery golds and lovely dark shades that would complement my skin tone a lot.

This is what the palette looks like

Front packaging - Vintage Romance
Front packaging – Vintage Romance
back packaging - Vintage Romance
back packaging – Vintage Romance

The brand says “My shade, my make up” and lives up to it as they have make up for all skin tones – SO very pigmented!


This palette has beautiful names for each of it’s 12 shades that go with the name “Vintage Romance”

Wonder who came up with these pretty names :)
Wonder who came up with these pretty names 🙂

Now take a look at the shades corresponding to the names


Clear look at the colors
Clear look at the colors


Now let’s get to the swatches of these beauties!

The top line swatches are here:


I am starting from the bottom color as that’s how the color names make better sense 😛

The first color from the bottom is called “Pretty in Paris” It is a shiny moonlight silver – which would look amazing for inner corner of the eyes or to highlight any part of the eye-shadow.

The next shade is “Meet in Madrid” – It is a proper Gold color which looks gorgeous on my skin as I have warm undertones. It can be used by itself or with other colors too.

The next shade is called “Court in Cannes” it is a unique shade – a bit of a mix between gold and bronze and looks very pretty too.

This is a third Goldenish shade in the palette called “Lust in LA” – trust me, it is a beautiful color, sort of a dark gold. If you notice, the 3 colors are kind of similar, but if you try them out, each has a different outcome.

The next shade is called “Romance in Rome” – it is a navy bluish blackish shade. Would look amazing while doing Smokey eye look.

The last shade in the first row is called “Propose in Prague” – it is a matte medium brown color that can be used all over the lid as a base – I tried it and it works very well for me.

Closer look at the first row
Closer look at the first row swatches

Now let’s take a look at the second row 🙂


The Second row of both the palettes have darker shades as compared to the first row, so they show much better on my skin 🙂 at least in photographs, in person – they are very much visible and look wonderful.

Again I will start from the bottom most color, it is called “A vow in Venice” – it is kind of a burgundish pink or onion pinkish – looks very pretty.

The next shade is also similar to it, called “Marry in Monte Carlo” – this one has medium shimmer in it.

The third burgundyish shade called “Honeymoon in Hollywood” has larger shimmer particles. The 3 shades can be used together for a more dramatic look. These colors would look way too pretty on olive/tan skin tones.

The next shade is called “bliss in barcelona” – it is a Dark Violettish shade that resembles midnight sky 🙂

Next in line is called “Forever in Florence” – it is a dark brown shimmer shade which would be perfect for smokey eye looks

Last shade in the palette is called “Love in London” – it is a shimmery black shade that will help you achieve that Saturday night look of yours 🙂

This palette is built for people with warm undertones.

All Indian women could use a palette like this, thanks to the gorgeous golds and burgundy that would look amazing during the wedding season! + Smokey eyes!

With a price tag of 12$, who wouldn’t want to invest in these??

Did you like this post? Did I forget to include something in this post? Please let me know.

Tell me about your favorite eye shadow palettes in the comments section below!



10 thoughts on “Sleek i-divine eyeshadow pallette – Vintage Romance

    1. Thank you so much Madison! I really liked your blog too. Congratulations on completing 6 years with your husband… I couldn’t find the option of liking or commenting on your post, maybe ‘coz I’m using WordPress on my phone right now, but I’ll definitely do it later from my laptop.. thanks for stopping by ❤


  1. I love the colours! I’ve been tempted by this one for a while as I have Storm and Au Naturel and after reading this post, I’m definitely going for the Vintage Romance next! Thank you 🙂


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