Sleek i-divine eyeshadow palette – Acid

Hi guys!

So I’m here with the swatches of my brand new
purchase, Sleek palettes. Will be writing a separate blog post for each of the products, so that’s easy to read and not never ending.

The first palette I chose to do swatches of, is their i-divine Acid palette. It’s a palette with almost all matte shades except 4 glossy ones. The palette has some really bright shades – no wonder, the name!

These palettes come with 12 colors in very sleek and travel friendly size. They’ve got a wide range of options to choose from.





Here are the swatches of the top row of colors, the orange and yellow don’t show much on my skin unless it’s used with a primer underneath. But that’s a good thing, as they’re almost neon.


The first color is a medium blue with a glossy finish – looks very pretty.

Next is a dark blue shade – glossy again, would go great with the lighter blue and matte black in the palette.

The orange in the palette looks very fluorescent, but on my skin it’s very subtle. On someone with a fair skin tone, it will be brighter I guess.

Surprisingly the yellow is more visible on my skin – but I really doubt I’ll ever use this shade..

Same goes for the matte white, maybe I can use it as a Base under the brighter colors and see how it shows then.

Next color is a very pretty pink that would look good on all Indian skin tones and can be used for various looks – it has a glossy finish.


Now let’s take a look at the bottom row of the Acid palette


The top color is a very pigmented matte black – which would be brilliant for smokey eyes.

Next color is a steel grey in glossy finish – I’m not very fond of silvers, but this shade is really pretty.
Next shade is a fluorescent green, which is very fun and again well pigmented.

The neon pink is also a fun color that can be used to create funky looks. These colors when used without a primer, wouldn’t actually be very bright on my skin – so I may use them without a primer.

Next in line is an olive green – I’ve never seen this in a palette before. I’m not very fond of this color, but can be used for some Indian looks at times.

Last shade in the palette is a gorgeous purple color – medium. It looks amazing on the eyes as a single color eye shadow and I may use it often 🙂

Matte eye shadows look great as single color eye shadows, which is why I had to pick up the Acid palette because of the unique shades it offers.

So basically the middle 4 shades of the palette are neon, the right 4 shades are great for creating a party look and the first 4 shades on the left can be used for various looks or by themselves.

So, do you like the palette? Let me know which color you like the most.


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