Red Carpet look using July Fab bag

I am not too big on contests as such, but this particular one hosted by Fabbag is targeted towards bloggers. Since I am a new kid on the block, I thought it would be the best way to get recognized in the community 🙂

So, I created my Red Carpet look using the July Fab bag products – Hope you guys like it!

Vermillion gown









bellapierre Ruby lipstick, Sugar eyeliner & Vana Vidhi shimmer lotion



Since it was the Red carpet look, I used Vana Vidhi body shimmer lotion to highlight my face – The shimmer looks very visible in the photos clicked using the DSLR but in person it did not look so obvious.

Eyes have been done using Colorbar eyeshadow pallette – 18 colours pots after that I lined it using Sugar waterproof eyeliner that came in the July Fab bag. It has a felt tip and is very easy to use. Very well pigmented, which is great.

The blush used is bellapierre mineral blush in Autumn Glow that I received in one of the earliner Fabbags – it is my favorite blush! You can buy it here

The one product that adds the most to this Red Carpet look is the bellapierre mineral lipstick – shade Ruby. It is highly pigmented, smooth in application and a gorgeous color. I am not too fond of glossy finish in lipsticks, so I tend to dab it with a tissue after applying it. You can buy it here

As you can see, the look is all in Vermillion & gold – which is why the July Fabbag in my hand looks so good with it – I absolutely adore these little bags sent by Fabbag and use them to store all my make up while traveling or keeping in my hand bags.

If you have not subscribed to Fabbag yet, you can do so by clicking here – Use this link to get a 10% discount 🙂



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