July Fab bag – Red Carpet awesomeness

Hellooo people,

if you don’t know by now, I must tell you that I am a huge fan of Fab bag – So every month you will see me reviewing their products here. I received my Fab bag day before yesterday and jumped with joy, since I knew more or less what was in it. This month they had already given sneak peaks of the two full size cosmetic products they were sending – The bellapierre mineral lipstick in Ruby shade (Rs. 1500/-) and Sugar Eye told you so liner. (Rs. 699/-)


Fab bag usually sends 1 make up product and 2 skin care/ hair care products – but the July bag was supposed to have make up worth 3000 and I guess they kept their word. For those who have not used bellapierre before; the brand is US based and specializes in all natural mineral make up which is great for skin. I don’t know about those claims, but I have previously used their mineral blush sent by Fab bag and it was super awesome. One of the best I have ever used! Hence, I was excited to receive Ruby – firstly a Red lipstick (i’ve got so many, but I still love having more :D) secondly a company I adore. I was a bit disappointed to see that the lipcolor was glossy in finish, but it is very pigmented and can be used as a lip stain too. That is what I will be doing. Apply it on the lips – then dab it with a tissue – leaving a reddish stain behind.

wpid-img_20150723_004011.jpgSugar is a new brand to me – so I don’t know much about their background. I absolutely loved their cute packaging and the way they named the liner ‘Eye Told You So’ shade name is black swan! 🙂 +1 on creativity. It is a waterproof liner that stays for a good 4-5 hours without getting spoilt. The applicator is felt tip – which is great. This product is also very pigmented so I am very happy with it.


Other than the Sugar waterproof eye liner, they also sent a decent sized Vana Vidhi Italian bergamot luxury Summer shimmer sunscreen – WOW, that’s new. It is way past summer, but when you live in a city like Mumbai; anytime it isn’t raining is classified as summer!! This product retails at Rs. 2400 for 115 ml and we received 60 ml of product which is worth Rs, 1200. It’s a unique product, I must say. Had to pierce it’s top inside to use the product. The texture is like that of a bb cream and it leaves a pretty shimmer behind. Great for adding some drama to your look!

The bag also had tiny trial sized Ayorma products – a fainess faily scrub and Fairness anti tan face wash – I don’t know what’s the obsession with beauty products and fainess! both these items are 8 ml each, they swpid-img_20150723_003755.jpgmell like Spa products, it also says crafted from Spa oils – good to keep in your office bag or while taking a 2-3 day trip. These are the only products I have not tried yet from this month’s bag.

Fab post and the card
Fab post and the card
The products in July Fabbag
The products in July Fabbag

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