Birthday Parties

You know the best kind of birthday parties? The ones when we had as little children! The ones where we got a piece of cake, some potato wafers, samosas, idlis or pav bhaji on the side andddd some éclairs or usually butter toffees in my case!

Once you cross that age and enter teenage, you tend to start hanging out with your school friends and give your ‘Birthday Treat’ at McDonald’s or a nearby Movie hall etc. Once you pass that awkward stage, you move on to the drunken birthdays mostly, where what you did the previous night is usually a blur or a rough estimate going by the photos clicked by you or your friends and uploaded on Facebook/Instagram.

But let’s be honest, won’t most of us trade these kinda birthdays and go back to the basics? The cakes, wafers and exciting return gifts phase? I used to love those. Tell me the best kind of birthday parties you’ve enjoyed the most! I’m turning 25 soon, maybe I’ll try to incorporate the awesomeness of those parties into my birthday this year. I generally don’t like to celebrate my birthday, but this year could be different!

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