Oxford Golf & Country Club, Pune

You know how sometimes there’s something right under your nose and you keep looking around the whole house for it? This place was such a discovery for us. A friend’s friend had visited the place and we were looking for a day out with girlfriends, just for some peace, quiet and loads of photo clicking!

It was pouring cats & dogs in Mumbai for the past 3 days, so I was more than happy to step out of the city and go to our neighborhood town, known for its much pleasant climate during monsoons. After a smooth drive on the expressway, me and my 3 girlfriends reached the gorgeous hillock on which the Club is located. It’s on the way to FLAME and Symbiosis, I wonder how come more people have not heard of the place – considering the fact that they claim to be there since 25 years!

We reached the place well before the mentioned check in time – so we sat at their restaurant and ordered some breakfast while enjoying the scenic views and winds.

After an hour, we were told that our room is ready and we were taken to our chalet in a Golf cart. We were 4 of us, so we booked a 2 bedroom Chalet (although we all ended up sleeping in just 1 room!) The chalets were beautiful – old wooden charm to it, decor was very vintage – big chandeliers et al. Equipped with a nice sit out in the balcony where we clicked dozens of pictures tirelessly. We made the booking via booking.com – it costed us INR 8,500 + taxes for the duplex Chalet inclusive of breakfast. If we had more time, we would have loved to explore more. Try out golfing (speak to the staff about details before making reservations) They have a gorgeous badminton court – again, it needs reservation and there are extra charges for it.

All in all, we had a wonderful stay – lots of food, stories, laughter, memories were exchanged and some more were created as well.

What to expect –

Lush greens all around you. breezy atmosphere with fresh air and no noise around except that of chirping birds. Wooden chalets for accommodation or just go for lunch to their lovely restaurant (beware, everything you order will be very spicy unless you request them to make it less spicy)

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