1 year of fabulousness!

It was decided well in advance, that the very first post on this blog, would be about my favorite picks from the past 1 year of Fabbag subscription. For those who aren’t aware, Fabbag is an Indian online beauty bag subscription, wherein their experts select skin & hair products for us and send them every month.  There’s a questionnaire that provides them with the necessary information like our skin type, hair type, cosmetic  preferences etc. They send 3 products every month, typically 2 of those are skin.hair products (herbal) and 1 cosmetic (yay!)

I was anyway a hoarder, and now thanks to all the lovely goodies I receive every month, I’ve become an even bigger hoarder. I tend to give away the products that I think would be of no use to me. e.g products like hair serum, that are not suitable for people with thin straight hair like me. All in all, they have mostly brought a smile to my face every month. I wait for a new month to begin just so that I can lay my hands on the new Fabbag.

Anyway, let’s start with the favorites that I have listed below:

(L to R)

  • 1. City Color Blush Quad – very pigmented, pretty colours, easy to apply and blend
  • 2. Palladio Eyeshadow Quad – perfect to carry around for a day or night look – creates beautiful smokey eye or an office look easily – this brand is  not tested on animals, so that’s a plus
  • 3. Tattva Grapes and Cherry blossom Body Butter – you’ve got to pick it up – smells, feels and moisturizes amazing
  • 4. La Splash Lip Couture – I was lucky to receive it in this pink shade, it looks damn nice on me – the plus is that it’s non tranferrable and long lasting.
  • 5. My favorite – Bellapierre Mineral Blush in Autumn Glow – This product is to die for. When I opened the product and saw this coral shade of blush, I thought it wouldn’t show on my complexion, but it’s seen and how. I think this product is a must have – and I am always going to restock it no matter where I need to hunt for it!
  • 6. Laqa and Co. Fat lip pencil – glide it on your lips  to feel the minty cool feeling and see the maroon stain that feels so moistuizing – A perfect lipstick for dry climates especially.
  • 7. Tattva Lip Scrub – Never thought chocolate, vanilla & sugar could be of use on my lips for any purpose other than eating. Well, this lip scrub does feel like dessert, and I had a taste of it too!! 😛 If you use lipsticks as often as I do, you must try these herbal lip scrubs that leave your lips as soft as a baby’s.
  • 8. Nyassa Alphonso Mango Butter hand cream – If you love mangoes, you will go crazy after smelling this delicious hand cream. Not just the aroma, but the texture of the product is amazing too. Do try Nyassa lip balms as well. I’ve got it in Bubblegum flavor and it tastes like bubblegum too 😀 Priced at mere Rs.150, the product is a genius.
  • 9. Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream – Heaven for people with normal to dry skin. Not  recommended for people with oily skin. I usually prefer to apply it at nights.
  • 10. Just Herbs facial cream – Just Herbs was generous enough to send us a 6 step  daily routine that included scrubbing, cleansing, moisturizing, etc. All the products were wonderful and the small sized packaging was a blessing to carry while traveling.

I am thankful to Fabbag team for sending me this little surprise every month and helping me explore so many new brands and products.

If you wish to subscribe to Fabbag, you can click on this link to avail a 10% off 🙂 www.fabbag.com/sritika


4 thoughts on “1 year of fabulousness!

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for your appreciation. I did check your blog and must say, it is well done. Hard to believe that you started it only in March 2015, great work 🙂


  1. Hey..
    Hi there. I have subscribed for fab bag too and it really puts up a smile on my face every month. Glad to relate to a lot of products you mentioned. And every time I used to see ur makeup and fashion pics on Instagram, I always thought you should start with a fashion blog soon. Good going 🙂


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